Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Profile Tantri KOTAK

Many female vocalists who enliven the world of local music. But, who have qualified quality, just a few. Well, among the few that exist Syalindri Ichlasari aka Sister Sister, vocalist of the band KOTAK. As a vocalist, Tantri signature on a husky timbrenya - and it makes the vocals seem sexy. But the main feature flawless in this sweet girl lies in its ability to reach high notes with the pitch under control. And that makes his vocal more special, though often play in areas of high octane, vocal sounds very powerful. Tantri privilege not only on his vocal. Performance on stage is very impressive. Sister vocalist attractive too energetic. He did not hesitate to move headbanging or dancing to and fro. On stage, he is Armand Maulana in girl version. Notwithstanding the contribution of other personnel, the combination of vocal and attractions that make the KOTAK Tantri become one of the bands are calculated in the realm of the local music industry. Top ciamik's vocal abilities, it is fitting to thank the Tantri papa. The father who introduced the world of singing to him. "I love to sing, but often off-key. His tone down half. Well, my father often trained to achieve the correct tone. He even love Anggun and Nicky Astria VCD so I can learn to sing, "recalls Sister. Sister began singing ability honed when he joined the choir at her school. He's line of soprano. "Of the choir in junior high that I know how to sing well. From there I also know musical notes or not numbers, "he said. Well, one time he sent the school joined a karaoke competition between schools. He was not alone, there are also student named Diamond who also represents the Tantri schools. "Diamond is more considered to have a chance to win than me," told you in. Unexpectedly, the girl born August 9, 1989 it successfully carried off the champion 3.Meanwhile, his friend who is more favored it won only hope. Achievement is at once correct the notion the father that his son had no singing talent. "After winning, then papa asked me to focus on music. She then sign me up vocal courses, "he said. New 2-month course, Tantri then audition vocalist Athena girls. With the band, Tantri could make recordings that are only circulated to the music community in Tangerang. "Usually, if there is a recording instrument noise filter on the microphone, to filter out noise. Well, at that time because baseball had a filter, use the tool for embroidery. That's hilarious abisss. Hahaha, "said Sister as she laughed. With Athens, in a music festival, Tantri best vocals ever won a Tangerang. On Ares, Tantri said, he often sang with the high notes. This is what makes it sound like now. "Drummer Ares often ask me to sing high notes. Perhaps, due to frequent high-pitched singing, my voice cracked. Finally so hoarse it is today, "tell Tantri. The Sister then auditioned Dream Band 2005, a talent contest that was then held by TV7 (now Trans 7). He was an audition that was held in Cilandak Town Square (Citos), Jakarta. At that time the jury Ario Wahab. Despite got nervous, she passes the audition. Later, in the Dream Band 2005, he joined the band Ares. Many benefits are picked in the arena Tantri Dream Band. Through the event, he learned how to perform in front of many people. Through this event he also learned how to deal with television. But the greatest benefits, through the event that he had many friends. Personnel KOTAK, the band that came out as champions Dream Band 2005, including a friend he got from that arena. Sister not only friendly, but also impressed with the band. I was so impressed, he even harbored a desire to be part of that group. "If personnel absent KOTAK gig, there's usually a love substitute. This often happens. Well, I never said to the manager when Pare KOTAK (old vocalist KOTAK) baseball can take a gig, I'll replace, "said Sister. The desire to strengthen Tantri KOTAK materialized when Pare leave. Escaped him elected as a vocalist auditions last KOTAK. The presence of Tantri not only bring more fresh KOTAK. In the era of Tantri, KOTAK even more successful than previous formations. Yet, despite already established with KOTAK, does not necessarily make creativity Tantric stalled. He had ideals could someday make a solo album. "I kepengin my solo album that I really," said Sister. Mean "I'm really," a solo album that should reflect the character of Sister. "But I do not know exactly what kind of music concepts. There is still no picture, "said Arda Naff lover is smiling. Steps to make a solo album it's not impossible quickly realized. Tantri already pocketed three songs that inspired their personal experiences. "The song was not my children perdengarkan KOTAK. Shame. Nah confident you listen to them, "he explained. Outside of music, he had an obsession to manage a business unit. Not business clothing as did his colleagues in the KOTAK. "I want to make this famous," he said. Angkringan effort was close to reality. He is already eyeing a location in Jakarta to be a place famous place. Effort, will be managed relatives. There's more. Tantri have aspirations to continue his education to college. Sister did not have time to continue their education because the band busy. "After high school directly participate Dream Band had finished college baseball.Penginnya lecture again later anyway. If baseball take communication, so take business management, "added Sister.

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